iHUB™ exclusive to TerryWhite Chemmart. Powering better business decisions.


The TerryWhite Chemmart iHUB™ is a sophisticated data engine that empowers you to make better business decisions.

The BuyBetter platform from iHUB™ uses data intelligence to ensure:


  1. Front-of-shop orders are generated on a daily, weekly, monthly basis
  2. Stocks the products that sell
    • Analyses data from over 400 pharmacies to recommend the right
      products for your pharmacy
    • Provides a customised approach for your pharmacy based on your planograms
    • Improves compliance to core range without the need to manually check every planogram
  3. The best deals are captured
    • Assesses upcoming deals and timing for the order
    • Has all your supplier deals in the one place
    • Recommends adjustments to your order quantity to improve your discount
    • Ensures you maximise opportunities during promotional periods by accessing discounts to improve margins
    • Provides you with more information to help guide better buying decisions
  4. Better management of unproductive inventoryHelps you clear unproductive, local lines to improve your working capital by:
    • Automatically providing you with a pricing file for clearance
    • Marking the product as not stocked eliminating the potential for accidental ordering


BuyBetter has already generated more than $3.6million in additional GP$ since the program began in April 2019.*


BuyBetter uses data intelligence to ensure:
  • Front-of-shop orders are generated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • The right products are stocked
  • The best deals are captured
  • Better management of unproductive inventory

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*iHUB™ is supported by MINFOS and FRED.

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