We focus on education to build your business and drive better health outcomes for your community – it’s what Real Chemistry is all about.

Our blended learning approach combines face-to-face engagement, with online learning and peer-based training all focused on delivering tangible results – better health outcomes for patients, better financial outcomes for your pharmacy and you – a better health leader in your community.

We use education to drive our health proposition, engage our pharmacy teams and ultimately, deliver results.

Our Dispensary Excellence Program is led by our Chief Pharmacist, Brenton Hart


With 10+ years experience managing pharmacies and extensive professional networks in the pharmacy industry, I am a passionate pharmacist who enjoys overcoming the challenges facing community pharmacy today.As Chief Pharmacist for TerryWhite Chemmart, I work with Network Partners and pharmacists from across the country to bring to life our health proposition through operational support, education and strategy development.


The TerryWhite Chemmart Dispensary Excellence Program is a comprehensive, 5 stage program – ensuring you maximise your dispensary profitability, optimise patient care, build loyalty and capitalise on opportunities.
It is a blueprint for your success in the face of the everlasting economic and industry challenges we all face.
Together with our Health Development Managers – we will help you build a culture of high-performing teams who are focused on delivering ‘real chemistry’ to your community.

  1. Dispensary Health Check
    The Dispensary Health Check is a critical first-step to maximising the funding available under the 7CPA.This health check assesses your dispensary business performance across 7CPA funding access, generic substitution, engagement with pharma-programs, community and residential aged care DAAs, dispensary technician competence and your digital strategy such as Health App engagement and eScripts workflow.We will also assess your current pricing model and provide you with dispensary price guidance based to further drive customer loyalty.
  2. 7CPA Toolkit
    Together with our Health Development Managers, we will show you how to maximise the 7CPA to optimise patient care and capitalise on funding available – the 7CPA can deliver an additional $70,000 in GP$ to your dispensary!Don’t know how to do a MedsCheck? What about a Diabetes MedsCheck?No problem – our online learning platform will take you through a ‘live’ MedsCheck and Diabetes MedsCheck with a patient to show that you already have the knowledge you need.
  3. DAA Growth Plan
    Growing your DAA business will build dispensary loyalty – with our DAA Growth Calculator you can discover the opportunity this presents to your pharmacy.This 5-step, comprehensive DAA Growth Plan is guaranteed to see you increase your community DAA business.We will help you assess your current market, ensure you have the software and consumables to make life easier and then set you growth targets.
  4. Joint Partner Plan
    At TerryWhite Chemmart our dedicated Business Development teams work with all network partners to create a ‘Joint Partner Plan’ to help drive business success. The plan tailors specific goals and actions for the pharmacy across the short, medium and long term. This plan is more than just words on paper, it is a living document that helps guide each individual business.Together with our Health Development Managers, we will help you build out your dispensary action plan from the health check – capitalising on the financial opportunities for your dispensary through Generics, Pharma-Programs, Focus Molecules & BioSimilars.
  5. Dispense Tech Excellence – coming 2021
    The true secret to a great pharmacist and great dispensary – is a great dispense tech.Our team will help you assess, train and build a program to help take your dispense techs from good to great.

All of this is supported by our industry leading Pharmacist education program – Masterclass.

Our investment in and focus on education over the past 5 years has helped us develop industry leading programs for pharmacists like our FREE 3-day education event – Masterclass.

TerryWhite Chemmart Masterclass is the pinnacle professional development event for pharmacists on the pharmacy industry calendar. Attracting notable industry professionals who speak on a range of topics from chronic pain management to gastrointestinal disorders and skin conditions, it not only provides a forum for learning and engagement but it delivers real results for your pharmacy…and your full year’s worth of CPD.

Masterclass will challenge you to think beyond your scope, improve your clinical knowledge, build your leadership capability and help you become a better pharmacist every day.

To find out more about our Masterclass Program, CLICK HERE


Our vision

By 2020

TerryWhite Chemmart will....

Be the true leader in health

With the most satisfied customers

And have 25% of the market

With more than 1000 stores